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    Cruncheese Korean Hot Dogs' goal is to serve the most tasty and authentic Korean cuisine in Las Vegas, NV. Whatever you are in the mood for, we can offer you excellent service with authentic and fresh ingredients here at our Korean restaurant.
    Not only do we want to serve the most delicious and authentic Korean food, but we also care about your health. From our lunches to our dinners, all our products are fresh and of the highest quality.
    Cruncheese Korean Hot Dogs is proud to serve wonderfully prepared and traditional Korean meals. Visit us today, sit back, relax, and grab a bite!
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Korean Takeout

Do you want some of the best Korean food in Las Vegas, NV but don’t want to eat alone in the restaurant? That’s ok! Cruncheese Korean Hot Dogs offers efficient Korean takeout services, so that you can enjoy our delicious dishes anywhere you want to eat.

Asian Food

We have a wide array of Asian meals for you to choose from that will leave your mouth watering. Cruncheese Korean Hot Dogs only uses authentic recipes and food choices, so you can rest assured you are getting the true Asian food experience!

Hot dog
Korean Hot Dog

We guarantee fresh and tasty food every time you visit us. When you see our menu, you won’t know what to choose. Try our Korean Hot Dog, every time you take a bite your taste buds will explode with delicious flavor. Call us today at (725) 214-7286.


Don’t know what to drink with our Korean food? We have that answer for you. Come on in and try some of our fresh lemonade. We promise that it will pair with every meal that you order.

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I love coming here if I'm on the go and need a quick meal. I always go for the potato hotdog with sugar. The potato hotdog has a nice crunch on the outside and the sausage itself is good as well. The sugar really adds that element of sweetness. I usually go for sauce #2 also. It's a combination of their sauces which includes sweet chili. My order specifically has a sweet and salty taste. If you're into that, adding sugar and getting chili sauce would probably be best. If you're not, they have many other sauce options for a pure savory taste. I've yet to try the cheese dogs and that's next on my list.

Also, it's located in the Shanghai plaza which has a lot of parking. It's very convenient to get to, especially for students. Before COVID, I would drive here during my lunch break from CSN. It's filling and affordable (which is what I loooove as a student).

On a side bar, they're doing their best to follow COVID guidelines. You go inside to order and you have to wait outside until your number is on the screen. Social distancing is definitely in place here. No dining in at the moment (as of 1/6/2021). -

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I've had my eyes set on Cruncheese since they opened. They were originally called Myungrang, but recently changed the name. They still serve the same stuff and I think that this name and the new signage are so cute! When entering the store, the staff was quick to greet me and my friend. After ordering, they give you a number and have you wait for your order outside. There is a screen where your number will pop up when your order is ready. Upon pickup, you can add whatever condiments you like. I ordered the potato mozzarella sticks. They were incredibly delicious and indulgent! I opted to add sugar on one of them as I was intrigued and love sweet and salty things. Still delicious! I also had the watermelon refresher, which was indeed refreshing and tasty. I was so impressed and I can't wait to go back and try different combinations of condiments. I highly recommend them! - Ashley B.

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Wow, this is some decadence. Almost exactly what your brain thinks when you hear Korean Corndog.

It looks like this place might've just rebranded to this brand name at looks pretty cool and the interior is nice. I also enjoy they have the system of numbers where you stay outside and then come grab your order when it's ready for help with social distancing.

The menu is fairly simple and has variations of cheese and hotdogs covered in breading. You can also add a little potato chunks for two dollars which is a really nice addition. Additionally they offered to put a little sugar on it and sauce both of which are a welcome to addition for us. The one thing I didn't realize that they sprays the sauce on top of them right away instead of putting ghen on the side. My wife doesn't like mustard but we got the mustard cheese and it was actually not too bad for a mustard hater.

Definitely keeping the spot in mind for the next time I'm in town. - Ronado G.

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